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Small fees can erode up to 34% of your wealth.

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Knowing your money is safe from hidden fees.

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Live the retirement you have dreamed

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Reduce Fees

Learn the potential long-term impact fees may have on your portfolio and retirement income. Understand how fees can erode up to 34% of your wealth.

Lower Risk

You may be able to achieve more consistent returns by lowering your risk.

Optimize Portfolio

We can tune your portfolio to be sure it fits your lifestyle and financial goals.

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Free Portfolio Check-Up to compare your portfolio fees and risks to benchmarks.
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Financial Planning

Since our foundation, we have been #1 banking institution for lots of individual and corporate customers, both in the USA and internationally. We provide our clients with a number of benefits.


How much will you need to retire and are you on track to enjoy the lifestyle you desire?


How much you will need for your children's college expenses and the most effective ways to save for your goals.

Estate Planning

What will happen to your family if something were to happen to you or your spouse?


What investments are right for your goals and how can you invest for better performance?


Does your family have the right insurance to protect from risk without paying for excess coverage you don't really need?


Take advantage of many of the same effective tax planning strategies used by the wealthy.

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A Few Words About Us

Road Map Financial Planning was founded in 2016 to offer investors an alternative to excessive fees. We are a self-directed, flat fee, mentoring style of financial advising.

We empower our clients to live the life they have dreamed through financial knowledge and tools. We make wealth building affordable and accessible through self-directed financial management tools, education and professional advice. We offer flat-fee, hourly based services, so there are no surprises or hidden fees that erode your wealth. We help our clients "Unleash Your Money" to get the most from your savings.

Financial Advising


Financial Planning

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Impact of Fees on Wealth

Over a lifetime small fees can erode up to 34% of your wealth. Learn how you can reduce these fees and enjoy the retirement lifestyle you earned.

Lifetime Fees*:

Lost Wealth*:

* Based on $12,500 annual contribution ages 25-67, retirement 67-90

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