Self-Directed Investment Advising

We offer our clients a unique way to save time and money. Self-directed simply means that we tailor an investment portfolio that fits your needs and you implement our recommendations. There is no guess work and we can answer any questions you have. We give you the professional tools and knowledge to confidently manage your accounts. With a professional financial advisor to answer your questions. Easy to use online tools help you track and manage your accounts and grow wealth faster with reduced fees.

Our investment strategy does not rely on risky market timing or short term trends, so in most cases your portfolio can maintain proper balance with small adjustments each year. We help find investment products that provide you with portfolio management at a reduced fee.

This approach allows us to charge you lower fees because we are not burdened with excessive administrative, record keeping and regulatory overhead. We do not control your accounts, so there is no need to transfer your accounts and we do not exclude your 401(k) or employer plans.

Turbo Charge Your Retirement

Reduce Fees

Learn the potential long-term impact fees may have on your portfolio and retirement income. Understand how fees can erode up to 34% of your wealth.

Lower Risk

You may be able to achieve more consistent returns by lowering your risk.

Optimize Portfolio

We can tune your portfolio to be sure it fits your lifestyle and financial goals.

Our Investment Strategy

We use a Nobel prize winning, established investment strategy, known as Modern Portfolio Theory. Using our research tools and analysis, we design a portfolio that maximizes your long term return, while minimizing your market risk. This strategy is a long term investment strategy that does not rely on risky trading techniques or market timing.

For most people, with primary investments in employer retirement accounts (401k, 403b), 529 college savings and individual retirement accounts (IRA, Roth IRA), actively managed portfolios can be very costly. We design a portfolio that fits your financial goals and is compatible with your risk tolerance.

We recognize the significant impact that even small fees have on our clients' long term wealth. Through continual research into low cost funds we can improve performance and minimize the fees our clients pay to fund managers. By offering self-directed and flat-fee advising, we minimize the fees we charge our clients. All this adds up to more wealth for our clients in the long term.