Financial Guidance, Not Control

Does your money need a chauffeur?

Does your money need a chauffeur? Probably not. Yet most financial advisors require their clients to use an add-on asset management service for you to get the financial planning and investment advice you need. This is like hiring a chauffeur for your money. Asset management is a nice convenience and it helps the advisor keep control of your money, but it is a luxury that most people cannot afford. Asset management is expensive, most asset managers spend an average of 50% of their time with administrative and regulatory compliance tasks. And for good reason, when you let someone else control your money you want careful administration and regulatory oversight. However, for most people with investments under $1.0 Million or post-retirement living on a fixed income, these excess fees can erode up to 34% of your wealth. We are happy to talk to you and find out if flat-fee planning and self-directed advising is right for you.

Over your lifetime, small investment fees can erode 34% of your wealth.

    Clients Choose Us Who:

  • ■ May have employer retirement accounts of less than $2.0M (Two Million Dollars)
  • ■ May have individual retirement or investment accounts of less than $1.0M (One Million Dollars)
  • ■ Prefer the trust and transparency that comes from self-directed advising
  • ■ Believe that flat-fee advising is a more equitable method of charging fees
  • ■ Want to reduce wealth erosion from typical advisor and fund fees
  • ■ Prefer the convenience and confidence that comes from Self-Directed Financial Advising
  • ■ May have already retired or planning to retire in the next 5 years

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Who We Are

Road Map Financial Planning, is a flat-fee based financial planning and advising practice. We offer self-directed advising, for those that want to manage their own accounts, using our professional advice. We do not sell proprietary investment products, nor do we require percent based asset management. While our unique service model attracts clients from all income brackets, we are especially suited for people whose primary investments are held in employer or individual retirement accounts. We are also preferred by people that want to keep control of their investments and are not seeking asset management.

We believe that anyone can achieve financial health and security when they take the time to prioritize goals, have the right tools and have professional advice to help them chart a course to personal wealth.

Focus On Financial Planning

While investment advice is a critical part of financial success, it is only part of the equation. Real gains in financial security, savings and confidence comes from a focus on financial planning. Rather than hand our clients a computer generated, 100 page "financial plan", we prefer to prioritize your planning needs and address them one by one. Using our modular planning approach, we prioritize your needs and address them over time. Our self-directed financial planning courses let you explore financial planning step-by-step and at your own pace.


Many people prefer the unbiased, transparency of a flat-fee advisor. That is why we offer self-directed financial planning and advising services at a flat hourly rate or monthly subscription. You get professional advice when you need it, hands off when you don't and save lots of money because we do not take a percentage of your portfolio.

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No Sales - No Asset Transfer

Do not be fooled by firms offering "free" financial planning services. Many are offering you commission based financial products, such as life insurance, annuities or mutual funds. We do not sell financial products directly to our clients, so we can offer truly unbiased advice and recommend only products that fit your needs. With our self-directed advising, you do not have the hassle of transferring accounts to our custodian. You can keep your current custodian, or we can recommend one to you.