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This simulation will demonstrate how small fees may impact your retirement savings. Your financial situation is unique and only your financial advisor can assess the suitability of any investment for you.


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DISCLAIMER: Consult with your financial advisor for a thorough analysis as actual results may vary significantly.

* For demonstration purposes only - NOT INTENDED AS ACTUAL PROJECTION.
Your results may differ significantly from hypothetical models. All investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. Consult your financial advisor for a thorough analysis.
Annual Advisor Fees based on a 1% typical asset management fee.
Annual Fund Fees based on a 1.25% average mutual fund expense ratio from Morningstar Reports.
Portfolio Size is based on projected portfolio earnings for pre-retirement and post-retirement, less advisor and fund fees, with Road Map FP services, compared to identical returns with a typical financial advisor.
Pre-Retirement: 8% Expected Rate of Return, Investments Held in Tax Deferred Retirement Accounts
Post-Retirement: 6% Expected Rate of Return, Annual Withdrawal 80% Current Income - Adjusted for Average of 2% Inflation Until Retirement, Taxes based on Annual Withdrawal Amount Only, Retirement at Age 65, Life Expectancy 90, Single or Married Filing Jointly Tax Brackets for 2016.